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KAI’s Build Before You Build (BBYB) services use Virtual Design and Construction methodologies to leverage the power of BIM (Building Information Modeling and Management) and construct your project virtually, preferably before actual construction begins.

By constructing your project virtually we can identify and eliminate pitfalls in design, scheduling, and construction, that would waste time, energy, and money during the actual construction.

While many off-shore BIM consultants offer such a service, KAI Design & Build provides full-time experts trained not only in the application of BIM, but actual design and construction. Our people know the processes of construction and how to effectively discuss and resolve issues with the users, designers and builders of your projects.  We understand that while BIM is an important tool in our industry, delivering a completed facility on-time and on-budget is our mutual goal.

While ideally performed during the design phase,  we have built value-adding virtual models at various times in the project lifecycle.

Our fees for these services are generally much less than the contingencies budgeted to cover the cost of these issues discovered during the course of construction.

Our BBYB services align with your current production capabilities by developing a project plan customizable to your needs. This allows you to continue focusing on what you do best, while utilizing the latest technologies for saving project time and money.



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