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Profit per project is a very important concept to everyone involved. As a General Contractor or a Fabricator, you can be most impacted by things changing for the worse or missing major errors in a bid set of documents. A mistake of a few inches in plan could be very costly on the production line.

What if you could run overhead coordination in a project and really see what is happening BEFORE you encounter it in the field? Or perhaps you want to reduce your costs on the project? Maybe you need better documentation for LEED accreditation. You can get this and more out of BIM.

As BIM has taken hold in the Construction industry, it has proven time and again to reduce the number of RFI's and change orders. Some of the tracking has shown that change orders have been reduced from 8-10% down to .05%. On other projects, construction time has been reduced by as much as 28%.

When you partner with KAI, we take the pains of the BIM process out of your hands and work with you to deliver a successful, profitable project.


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